I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SixTAY Days of Writing 2020: The Final Push Day Twenty-One

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About a day into editing, and things are actually a lot more coherent than I had initially worried about. I see some things that need to be fixed, but they’re relatively minor. I still haven’t finished that final scene either, but I want to do a bit more editing before completing it. I also took the day off yesterday to paint the engine from my Ford GT since the weather wasn’t blisteringly hot as it’s been recently. I really, really want to get to spray painting this weekend so at least Wargreymon will be done. The car has still many more steps left to go as this weekend will just be priming the larger pieces. I know some people are anal enough to prime every single piece, but I just worry about the parts that might actually get touched, or are large enough that chipping down the line might be visible. Priming just increases paint adhesion, it doesn’t make it bulletproof.


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