I'm really feeling it!


With no summer plans this year, I’ve got a bit more spare time than usual. In other words, I’ve decided to give this 60 day writing thing a go this time.


I should tell you upfront I have no game plan, so I’ll just write as I go.

On gaming content: I’ve had a weird writing year, previously going from games to anime as my gaming time has come to a crawl. Still haven’t bought a new game since December not counting the fighter’s pass for Smash Ultimate when Joker released, but that will probably change this month when Mario Maker 2 hits. Come to think of it, I didn’t even publish a GOTY list last year. That will probably be a topic worth exploring sometime in the future. In any case, expect more gaming content from me (reactions, hopes/wish fulfillment, and impressions).

Some gaming notes of what I have been playing: I play a lot of Fire Emblem Heroes, so expect some topics related to that as a lot has changed since the game launched. Hit a monster-sized wall with Bloodborne even as the final boss is just at my doorstep. Who knows, maybe I’ll never finish it as I feel I’ve had my fill. Did just finish Yakuza Kiwami though. What I will takeaway most outside of its main plot is its bizarre sense of humor and random sidequests that at times felt like the “main” game rather than a diversion from the story missions. Revisited Fire Emblem Echoes and Overwatch after what seems like an eternity; the former having to pull out my 3DS out of whatever dark hole it was inhabiting (hey, it still has battery!).

Some upcoming Anime notes: As I said before, I write about Anime quite a bit. Though I expect some of my SixTAY stuff to overlap with my planned materials (including an anisong round up for the Spring), it will not be the only focus. For my next anisong article, I’m thinking of doing a “live” article where I will write it and publish it for about a week until it is finished. Summer is coming up, so plenty of new stuff incoming. I’m most excited about Fire Force and Dr. Stone, but I expect there will be more than a few hidden surprises beyond that.


The Playlist notes: I used to run a feature here called “The Playlist” which itself is based on Kotaku Soundtrack, with a bit more emphasis on metal, games, and the occasional anisong. It has been a while since I last updated it, so I’m bringing it back for this event. This will probably be a Friday/Weekend post as traffic tends to slow down.

Other nerd stuff: TV, Movies, Comics, and whatever else I may be watching. From time to time, I may post a reaction piece to something announced or publish a bit of commentary.


That about covers it. A lot of upcoming ideas for projects with no guarantee I’ll make the full 60 days. Still, my turnaround time should be quicker given the shorter timeline of less than a day per piece. Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

To be continued....

Megalo Box (credits screen)
Image: Toonami (Twitter)

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