I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SixTAY Days of Writing: The Final Push Day Seventeen

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Hot damn, my streak keeps going. Just about 4-5 scenes left before I finish the script for Zira’s route. I’m still in good shape with about 38k words, so as long as I keep it under 45k, it will stay about the same length as the other routes. I also finished the main pages for this chapter of Midnight Menagerie. I might take a couple of days off before I do anymore drawing, so that way when I do the cover and the bonus after story, I’ll be nice and fresh and can hit the ground running. It’s just in time, too. This week the new chapter starts on my website. I had a friend fill in for a few months with their guest comic, and that gave me the time to finish the other chapter and give myself a nice buffer. Finishing this chapter is another milestone. It’s also the end of Midnight Menagerie’s first formal arc. It was the original introduction to have people get to meet the main characters and the nuts and bolts of the story. With that finished and out of the way, I can really start buckling down and producing the cool stories.


Introductions are always very, very hard. You have to find a way to grab your audience almost instantly with a cast no one knows anything about, so you don’t have a lot of time to get anyone invested in your characters’ fates. It’s a tap dance between having a compelling story so people are interested in, while getting them to know your cast and learning to care about them. In that regard self-contained things like games or books are a lot easier, versus serial stories. Sometimes I wish I could just jump into the world and the lore without having to give people a ton of background info, but my world doesn’t work like that. I like creating layered stories. I like longtime fans rereading earlier arcs and realizing ZOMG WAIT, YOU WERE PLANNING THIS FROM THAT EARLY ON?! I chuckle darkly as people initially assume my work is fluff before I pull the rug from under them.

*whistles innocently as I continue to work on Kaiju Crush*

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