I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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SixTAY Days Of Writing - What Are You Most Proud Of From This Event?

SixTAY Days of Writing is drawing to a close, and although the event’s organizer (moi) has barely contributed anything, there’s still been an incredible quantity, and quality, of content made for the event.


Tomorrow will be day 60 of 60, so as we’re wrapping up, I want to ask you: What are you most proud of from this event?

This isn’t the time for self-deprecation, so get outta here with that! Whether you’ve made 5, 9, or 59 posts thus far, I want to know what you are proud of from it. You can say anything, but for more specifics:

- What are your three favorite posts you made for the event?

- When was it most difficult to keep writing, and how did you persevere or get back up?


- How are you going to reward yourself for finishing this challenge? (Because you should!)

It’s not over yet, so keep it up!

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