I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Skylanders Watch: Fancy Exclusive Hat!

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Welcome to a brand new instalment of Skylanders Watch, your one source TAY spot for all things Skylanders. Lots of buzz going around this week because of the new Skylanders Megablocks set reveals vehicles! This is both my biggest dream and fear, because I have talked in the past year of how cool it would be if Activision made a "Skylanders Kart" style game with collectible vehicles. Awesome for the inner child in me, really bad for my adult bank account. Nothing is confirmed by either side, so nothing else to do about it except to speculate over this picture:

Illustration for article titled Skylanders Watch: Fancy Exclusive Hat!

I picked up a new triple pack this week and got quite an awesome bonus to go along with it: An card that unlocks an exclusive hat! The UFO Hat not only looks cool but it's insanely powerful which means I will surely be using and abusing it in the future. Featured in the video:

- Thorn Horn Camo (Series 3)
- Grim Creeper (the non-lightcore variant)
- Arkeyan Crossbow (magic object)
- Magna Charge (my favourite SWAP Force character)
- The UFO Hat (should be considered cheating!)

Hit play on the video and enjoy some Arena action!

That's all for this edition of Skylanders Watch. As usual feel free to drop any questions you might have about the terrible expensive yet alluringly colourful Skylanders universe in the comments below. Until next time Portal Masters: Play Hard, Play LOUD!

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