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I'm really feeling it!

Skylanders Watch: New Arrivals! (February 2014)

Welcome to TAY Skylanders Watch, your number one... well, ONLY resource for all things Skylanders related. I am your host Shiryu, please add "Skylander Expert" to my ever growing list of things I can do, yes... onward, Portal Masters!

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I have to give credit where it's due, Activision finally figured out how to sell me DLC: attach a collectible plastic figurine to it and I'm more than happy to open my wallet. Today I hunt the rarely fertile fields of my local retailer and surprisingly got home with a pretty good haul, in fact the very first of 2014! I make these little "exibition videos" showing off exactly how each plays, show off their moves, etc in order to help everyone out there decide if they are a worthy investment.

Featured in the video below:

-Hyper Beam Prism Break
-Phantom Cynder
-Dune Bug
-Wham-Shell (Lightcore)
-Countdown (Lightcore)
-Stink-Bomb (Swap)
-Rubble Rouser (Swap)
-Spy Rise (Swap)
-Eye Brawl Special

Magical Objects:
-Platinum Sheep
-Groove Machine

Extra Level:
-Sheep Wreck Island (just the intro, no spoilers here!)


Today's feature presentation:

A fine lot of old and new faces alike, I am glad to finally be able to complete the game to 100% with all types of Swap Force legs at last. Time to get those illusive missing hats...


Feel free to drop any Skylander related questions in the comments below, I will do my be... *ahem* I will clarify your doubts immediately, yes. Also feel free to take a look at my other Skylander videos, you never know if you spot one that might take your fancy.

That's all for this time, let's hope I don't have to make many of these else I will be broke really, really soon... until next we meet: Play Hard, Play LOUD!

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