I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Skylanders Watch: Today's New Arrivals

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Greetings TAYlanders to the most expensive extraordinary Skylanders Watch of this season!


Local retailer received a big batch of all new Trap Team Skylanders and good ol' Shiryu just had to make a video of them in hope of helping pick your favourites. The following twenty two minute video features between regular, mini-Skylanders and Trap Masters a total of twenty two (ah, one per minute!) brand new Skylanders from the Trap Team series. Here is a list in order of apperance:


- Food Fight

- Blades

- DéJà Vu


- Barkley

- Terrabite

- Bop

- Spry

- Mini-Jini

- Drobit

- Trigger Snappy

- Eye-Small

- Hijinx

Trap Masters:

- Snap Shot

- Gusto

- Gearshift

- Wildfire

- Lob-Star

- Bushwhack

- Wallop

- Head Rush

- Jawbreaker

- Krypt King

Hit that play button below and fingers crossed your Flash Player won't explode with all the awesomeness.

I admit to be pleasantly surprised with the new wave of figurines, the mini-Skylanders are adorable and we never had a chance to get them over here in Europe, our snacks remain Skylander free sadly. s for the Trap Masters, they have as much plastic or even more than the Giants. I sense I will be using Jawbreaker and Krypt King quite a bit.


Ah, I have ran out of time for today! See you next time, Portal Masters! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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