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Skyrim Total-Conversion Mod Enderal Adds Whole New Story, Game World

Illustration for article titled iSkyrim /iTotal-Conversion Mod iEnderal/i Adds Whole New Story, Game World

Enderal - The Shards of Order, a modification running off of Skyrim’s engine, brings a whole new game with its own game-world, story, and lore.


The mod boasts three ModDB player-chosen “Mod of the Year” awards, an estimated 30-100 hours of gameplay, with completely revamped gameplay, professional voice acting, and tons of content completely made from scratch by its German developers, SureAI.

Rather than use many of Skyrim’s RPG mechanics, SureAI reworked them, with a new class system and more mainstream skill system rather than Skyrim’s “Learn By Doing” system.


Skyrim used one-on-one dialogue to tell most of its story, but Enderal uses many cutscenes to tell its main story, with the player’s role in story sequences being more cinematic than influential.

The trailer for the mod can also be found in German here.

The English version’s launcher download can be found here.

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