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United Front Games, the Canada-based studio responsible for the Critically acclaimed Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars and the recently released Smash+Grab, is shutting down.

Originally, a NeoGAF post which seemed to be from a former United Front Games employee claimed the studio was shutting down. Although there has been no official announcements, Jen Timms, a producer at United Front Games, claims the studio is in fact closing its doors.

Currently mourning the best job I’ve ever had, and the most wonderful team I’ve ever worked with.
The end of a great era.
Goodbye, UFG.

— Jen Timms (@Scarlettjen) October 18, 2016

United Front Games launched Smash+Grab in early access on steam on September 27, three weeks prior to the company’s rumored shutdown spreading.


Smash+Grab was a third-person Moba-style brawler which had players loot the city for money and weapons, trying to gain more money than the other team. The game even had a week from October 11 to 18 where anyone could play free. With a key given by the developer, I got the chance to play a few hours, and found it difficult but surprisingly innovative.

Smash+Grab has been delisted from the steam store and can no longer be purchased. Additionally, a dev post on the game’s still existing store page says anyone who purchased the game will be allowed a refund, regardless of when the game was purchased or how long the game was played.

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