I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

I still have trouble accepting the fact that Sony may never release a new WipEout ever again. It will be twenty years next year (By the Gods, I am old...) that the original game made it's début in on the original Playstation all the way back in 1995. My love for the series is well documented in the recent past. So what do we do when the big wigs fail us so harshly? We take things in our hands. And that's exactly how SlipStream GX was born.

Go grab the latest build, play around with it and feel free to drop the team some feedback, ok? You can tell them "Shiryu sent me!" for some free milk and cookies.


*OMAKE* Hey, it's me playing the game listening to my own music which turns out it's part of the game's soundtrack! Egomaniac much?

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