It’s currently in demo format, but it already speeds past all the right spots.

Slipstream is a love letter to the arcade racers of the late 80’ and early 90’s, a genre that as of recent years just (thankfully) refuses to die. It’s a project by Brazilian artist ansdor and mandatory 80’s synth wave soundtrack by effoharkay. It runs on the games very own Pseudo3D engine that impressively masks current day technology into sprite scaling heaven. Defintly looking forward to future projects using it. Here is yours truly giving the demo a try.

Sadly YouTube compression doesn’t give the game it’s deserved justice, so make sure you try out the demo for yourself and drop a “Yes” vote over at Steam Greenlight. There are currently no plans to port it over to console and the final build is aiming at single player only, but who knows... this is certainly a game made for multiplayer split screen antics.

One can dream... and one will definitely keep an eye out for future updates.