I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Oh, baby. If you weren’t excited for World of Warcraft’s umpteenth sixth expansion Legion, this news is going blow your pants right off.

Everybody loves Gnomes, right? They’re great to have at your sporting events (in case, you know, you forget the ball and want to use a gnome instead) and awesome at dinner parties (especially if you serve them with a side of fries).


What’s the one thing in World of Warcraft that people love more than Gnomes? Hunters of course!

Well good news for the Gnome fan in the audience!

The one race that couldn’t be the Hunter class in World of Warcraft is going to be able to pick up their nearest bow or gun and start shooting away when the new expansion, Legion, releases in the middle of 2016.

Along with their announcement of Gnome Hunters joining the ranks, Blizzard also announced that there will be a new pet type in Legion: Mechanical! Mechanical Pets will be rare and hard to find and tame, apparently, and only Gnome and Goblin hunters will be able to tame them at the start—everyone else will need to buy a piece of equipment from an Engineer to be able to tame Mechanical pets.

So far, I’ve never missed a WoW expansion. I typically buy them, subscribe for two to three months, and then stop playing until the next expansion comes out. For Legion, I’m honestly not sure if I’m on board. And honestly? I’m not sure that Gnome Hunters are pushing me over the edge into must-have territory, either.

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