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Smash 3DS "Play Tester" Leaks All Sorts of Probably Fake Info

Get out your salt licks patrons of the internet. A new Twitter user who goes by @SmashLeaks (how subtle) has appeared and he's dishing out the dirt.

Is he legit? Well that's certainly up for discussion. All I know is my gut says maybe. Probably. It's hard not to be skeptical when dozens of people claim to have "leaks" on a monthly basis. Now he actually has screen shots, but we all know if you're decent at Photoshop or GIMP you can put together some very convincing images. I'll let you decide. He is updating his twitter often now, so feel free to keep up. Here are his biggest claims


It's probably fake. But it's darn sure entertaining. Especially since many people are calling him out and he's defending himself on all levels. The plot thickens.

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