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*AHhhhHhawr9e8azxczHHHH!! Sorry about the delay! I've been busy with Pokemon One a Day illustrations, DHONY illustrations, Crossover Junction, and some other secret stuff...But here we are! *


Before we begin, check out the other personal predictions:


Today's character is...LIL MAC! He punches in! GET IT!? Cause hes' from that one game


So, my partner for this series, Andy, sent me the Little Mac draft after what he described was a short moment of frustration trying to figure out a pose for a character that has a limited range for expression, as a boxer. I told Andy to come up with whatever, for he is pretty talented at drafting. I got the art in my inbox later that night and quickly got to work.

The original drawing features LM at the middle animated frame of blocking. I didn't really see that until after, and now my final work looks really off as a pose. What could LM be doing? As you can see in the work in progresses below, I should have kept the forward elbow/arm a bit lower.


The key to getting down Little Mac is all in the face. Without having another body next to him, its hard to tell if he looks tall or short here. The height, a key factor to his character, was not something to worry about at this moment so I focused, as I mentioned, on his face. He is one who would be considered to have a "baby face". However, if LM was walking down the street, he'd be someone you might worry about getting into a fight with even if he is 4'8".


That said, he should not be considered weak by any means. He has the heart and work ethic to take on any and all challengers! In my representation, LM has a youthful face that shows his soft side with a physically "ripped" body to balance out that feature.


Personally, I believe Little Mac has an extremely high chance of making it in. He's a classic Nintendo character who has been around for some time. On top of that, he had a bit of a comeback with the Wii U Punch Out!! game that was released a few years back. His moveset could feature his moves from the game naturally, infused with traditional boxing fight styles, which is a fighting style that isn't really featured in the current Smash line up. As an assist trophy character in Brawl, he has priority over other characters which pushes him closer to the top of the queue

So that about wraps it up! Hope you enjoy and agree with this pick for the next Smash roster.

See you at Pokemon One a Day later today!


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