I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Smash Bros. 4 Character Prediction Art 2!

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Splash art by me. The original Rayman drawing was done by Andy Caynon (GeneticDestiny).
Original (more superior version, IMO!) is here:



Before we continue...

If you haven't checked out SB4 Character Prediction 1, look no further but here: http://tay.kotaku.com/smash-bros-4-c…


Today's episode is actually number 4. I posted 2 other characters a while back but I want to reintroduce them with a proper write up and an extra image for each.

That said, I'm posting this one today because Saturday is the usual day I post the Smash art in the first place. I didn't want to wait after putting up the other 2 to reveal this piece because this one just went live on my other galleries at Tumblr/DeviantART today.

So anyway,


My partner in this collaboration, Andy, and I attempt to draw out characters who we personally want and believe have a solid chance for the new up and coming Smash Brothers title. Andy comes up with line art in the traditional mediums while I take it a step further in the digital realm. Today, I fused the two for the first time (I've seen it done elsewhere but I haven't tried it out) and I am very pleased with the result:

Illustration for article titled Smash Bros. 4 Character Prediction Art 2!

Andy is a huge fan of Rayman and realizes his chances aren't quite what a fan of Rayman would hope. That said, most weeks we tackle characters who we both agree should be in the game and we both would back up for a choice. I'm not the biggest Rayman fan (not to say I don't enjoy his games) so this week we drew up his choice and next week Andy has to draw out my choice (surprise, it's a Pokemon character. BTW, it seems like I'm cuckoo for cocoa puf- I mean Pokemon but I have plenty fandoms that surpass my interest in Pokemon, I swear! I chose a Pokemon character to get it out of the way out side of my daily illustrations! :P)

I went with a totally new style for the piece. I mean, for me anyway, I’ve seen art like this every once in a while and I thought this piece was the best time to implement this style. Andy’s line art of Rayman looked content and just…ready to lift off the page. I took it one step further by redrawing the outlines and having his eyes closed (originally they are kept open). I then added shadows around the bits of his body to give some spatial depth and event manipulated around the chest area where the light is shining with the blur tool. I painted Rayman with flat colors first, and made a duplicate layer where I used both light and shadow tools (even after all these years I don’t know their names…the Burner? whatever haha) to add a nice pop.

I really had fun with this one and actually so far this is the first time I’ve most of Andy's linework intact (bar the eyes, d’oh! but i think it is a better decision to close them for effect!) .

So I think that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed the art and write up!


P.S. Yesterday I was saying I posted Charmeleon in the P:OaD project a bit early because I had something to post in the evening. I didn't get to finish the project in time and didn't get to post it. This piece of art here was not which I was referring to. I was going to post that with this piece today but I have opted to push it to tomorrow, although it is complete. That is all!

Enjoy your Saturday and the rest of your weekend!

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