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So we've seen Ridley and Rayman...And to add to the list, now entering the fray is Bowser Jr.!
This is a character who I believe has a solid chance of joining the new roster, considering his position in many of the recent Super Mario games that have been released on the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS since the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Bowser Jr. is as dastardly as his dad but in such a terribly cute way that you can't help but want to pick him up and give him a little hug.


Sakurai has a tendency of adding characters to the franchise that offer a similar play style to an existing cast member to offer the player the familiarity of a moveset with different traits to fit a preference. We refer to those characters as "clones". Marth and Roy, two characters with very similar movesets, had their own traits evident in their attacks and attributes. Although they played similarly, they felt unique in their own ways; Marth was fast and fluid with his attacks, and Roy was slower and stronger. Aesthetically, Roy's attacks had flames burn the enemy while Marth's were standard attacks without any sort of flare. At the end of the day, the player could decide who was more fitting of their playstyle.

The thing is, clones take up a spot on the roster and take away an opportunity that could have allowed a brand new character and move set to shine. Thus, they are widely disliked. Since Brawl however , Sakurai and his team have attempted to decrease the similarities between "clones" in the game.

It's still a sin that Ganondorf still plays so closely to Captain Falcon, an F-Zero Bounty Hunter/Pilot who is in no way similar to the Great King of Evil. The only reason I can come up with as to why they shared movesets was because the two are humanoid in appearance and it was easy to map CF's moves to Ganondorf's character model and get the chance to say they had one more character in the game, and the same could be said for other clones like Pichu, Lucario, Dr. Mario, and the rest.

So all that said, let's take a look at Bowser Jr., a character who could wield unique and original attacks, that can feel and play completely different from his pops:


Bowser Jr., as many argue against him say that he would be a clone of his dad. That he would simply be a fighter that takes the same moves but would be faster and lighter, a la the relationship between Link and Toon Link in Brawl. I imagine those people have a grudge against the character, or simply do not have a creative mind or perhaps they have not seen him in action in his respective games yet.

Clearly, Bowser Jr.'s moveset would rely on his paintbrush. His B+Up recovery move would feature the flying clown car and general attacks feature shell sliding and spitting out dat hot fiyah. Yeah, Bowser has a shell attack and a continuous flame breath attack, but Bowser Jr.'s would vary from those by adding a twist that fits his personality. Naturally, there will be some similarity because well, they're father and son.

His Final Smash could allow him to transform into Shadow Mario, or he could create havoc and attempt to pollute the stage with gunk. Enemies could get trapped in blobs of ink/paint much like getting grounded by DK's tiltB special or the Pitfall item from Animal Crossing, although it wouldn't be the same animation. At that point, Bowser Jr. can run up to his enemies who fiddle around helplessly, before getting sent off the stage with a smash attack.


The possibilities are there, and the Smash team has the creativity to go through the games he's appeared in and make an effort to separate his play style from his dad's.

As for the art:

Andy (in case you forgot is my partner in crime in this Smash Bros. Art project collaboration) and I agreed that Bowser Jr. is a character we both wanted for the game. That pretty much is a requirement we make before selecting who we will actually draw and put on our wishlist. Next up is selecting a character who we do actually believe has a legitimate chance of making the roster.


The final design should probably utilize his bib/gangster rag but Andy opted to pass on implementing it for the art since it made him even more chubby (awww) than he currently is. I saw the lack of the bib as an opportunity to add to the background, and have him sprawl it on the wall like graffiti with his brush.

When I decided to color the work, I mentally retracted from painting in the "Ridley" method. This pose didn't really feel dynamic enough to render in such a way, so I opted for a cleaner approach. I'm pretty happy with the result. I had to make a few adjustments to Andy's lines but I think they were all for the better.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the art and the write up! I'll release another two fighters for this week (one older art and one new), so stay turned. And for everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for Wartortle this afternoon!

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