Hey all, welcome to the series that looks at potential Smash fighters that is not a total rip-off of GBD's segment! It's been a while since I last posted one of these, and with Pokemon One a Day's return on the horizon, I sought to make today's episode echo the return of the series!

Let's get started...I choose you, Mewtwo!

(Edit: Kinja formatted the images accompanying this write-up in an unexpected way, thus changing up the pacing I had originally intended. Hopefully you can all enjoy this regardless!)

Thanks to the recently released Pokemon X and Y, Mewtwo returns and is bigger and better than ever before! With the introduction of the most radical (and controversial) game play mechanic Pokemon has ever seen, "Mega evolution" will be an integral part of how Mewtwo might play should he return.

I believe Mewtwo has a very high chance of returning to Nintendo's beloved fighting franchise (and yes, the splash header I created is referencing the animated film he starred in and is not just a lazy line I gave up on!) thanks in part to fan requests and how important he is to the legacy of Pokemon.

The Smash series has two main guidelines it takes to allowing a character onto its roster, outside of introducing at least a few obscure characters once in a while:

-The character belongs to the pantheon of "classic era" heroes and villains, who are timeless and important to the culture of Nintendo (Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby)


-The character is a modern day creation that is most relevant at the time of the Smash game in development that represents the face of the series in the present (Lucas, Ike, Toon Link)

Thus, rosters should be seen like a revolving door for characters outside of the all time greats. Thanks to their inclusion in Smash Bros. these characters that have a two-way ticket may earn a spot in the coveted Nintendo Hall of Fame. Quite often, franchises have representatives of both the past and present.

For example, Roy made way for Ike, who is likely on his way out for Chrom of Fire Emblem: Awakening. Those characters in a revolving spot are seated alongside the representative of the history and legacy of Fire Emblem in the main-stay princely swordsman, Marth.


This brings me to Lucario, the Pokemon mascot representing generation 4, the then latest "state" of the franchise around Brawl's release period. With the removal of generation 2's Pichu (largely unnecessary and a clone of Pikachu) and introduction of Pokemon Trainer, generation 1 was over-represented with Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, and Mewtwo. It is presumed then that Mewtwo took the hit to mold Lucario into the moveset and position, who was at his peak in popularity at the time.

See this? He's got just enough adaptability to build off of...



Speculation regarding Lucario's removal and possible candidates to take his coveted spot range anywhere from Blaziken to Zoroark, but bringing back an old favorite and all-time classic would be the best bet.


Although Blaziken was brought back into the spotlight with a Mega Evolution and a free Torchic for Pokemon X and Y, he is still an odd choice to remove and replace Lucario with. Not only did he debut a generation before Lucario, but he is in his own class as a starter type evolution. His first form, Torchic, also appeared when released from a Pokeball in game. Starters have their own pseudo-legendary status, considering they can only be given to the player by the Professor at the beginning of the game, and they cannot be found anywhere else naturally. It is only through breeding and Friend Safari that starters are obtained otherwise. Blaziken being a playable fighter seems likely solely because of his fighting sub-type, but outside of that, it's a bit of a stretch at this point.

Zoroark as a candidate had high potential...if this Smash came out before Generation 6's release. As the pseudo-legendary of Generation 5, Zoroark took over the role that Lucario held for his generation. He too was incredibly popular at the time and had his own movie like most pseudo-legendaries do. Again, the timing is off for Zoroark to take a position in a game attempting to feature the most classic and most relevant characters of Nintendo fame. It is far more likely that Zoroark appears as a Pokeball assist, with the ability to copy opposing players and using their attacks for a brief period of time.

Although Lucario has a very unique moveset to himself, there are throwbacks in his special and smash attacks that are reminiscent of Mewtwo. These artifacts support that Lucario is a pseudo-clone of Mewtwo, taking over his spot in particular. Just like Roy's attacks and flair seems to be echoed in the moveset of his successor Ike, Lucario echoed Mewtwo's psychic nature with his "aura" counterpart. Thus, full circle may come to fruition with the return of Mewtwo, and not a fighting chicken or demon fox ditto wannabe.


This plan doesn't concern you two! Go be cool elsewhere.

Maybe it was because I grew up with Pokemon and have loved Mewtwo as a character for a long time (he was my first holographic Pokemon trading card!), I find Mewtwo as a whole to be more interesting and more effective as representative of the Pokemon franchise than Lucario. To date, Mewtwo is considered to be one of the strongest legendary Pokemon, inspiring fear and awe in its enemies.

Lucario, on the other hand, is a "pseudo-legendary" class Pokemon that like Mewtwo got a Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Y. However, he is nowhere near as important as Mewtwo in terms of story and legacy. Smash Bros 4. for the Wii U and 3DS will look to X and Y for inspiration for Pokemon to represent their franchise...And with Mewtwo, both generation 1 and 6 will be on full display with his inclusion.


Mewtwo is a special case in Generation 6 in regards to the Mega Evolution as he is one of two Pokemon (other being Charizard) to have two branches of evolutions.

The dual Psychic and Fighting type version of Mewtwo was dubbed Mega Mewtwo X, and the pure Psychic type special attack specialistic (introduced first as the "awakened form") version of Mewtwo is known as Mega Mewtwo Y.


When Mega Mewtwo was first announced, we were un-aware of what was in store for us with us when it came to "awakened" forms. We would soon learn that the Mega Mewtwo we knew was actually one of two forms, and this was the Y form. We also found out, in a Pokemon first, that Mega Evolution was triggered by a "held item" and was not a permanent evolution that was once definitive and largely iconic of the Pokemon series.

Before all these announcements, fans speculated that this new form of Mewtwo would replace both the original and Lucario altogether.


(Is he crushing Lucario, Blaziken, and Zoroark? Play nice or no one joins the roster!)

However, with multiple Mewtwos in need of a home, we need to figure out how this powerful Pokemon can fit into Smash Bros. 4. These are a few ideas that I think are potential ideas to implenting the various forms of Mewtwo!

Before we continue, let's check out the exclusive art for this episode, featuring Andrew Caynon and I!


I ordered Mega Mewtwo Y in line art form quite some time ago! Andy delivered his work before the reveal of X, which was mind-boggling because we thought that Y was the only form (and that each Pokemon had only one mega evolution).

Both poses and line-work came out amazing, and I was super excited to try my hand at coloring and inking. For these pieces, I tried out something new, using warm tones to overpower cool areas I took to shading with. At the end, I decided to use a grain filter to mesh the color with the original scanned paper! I think the effect came out well.

What do you think!? Let us know in the comments below!

So yes - back to this proposal - here are a few ideas for how Smash could and should approach the reintroduction of Mewtwo and the inclusion of his newest forms!

1) Mewtwo as a base fighter with the option to go X or Y mid game

This route would allow Mewtwo to return in full form and have the chance to actually be viable in the world of Smash. I was looking forward to Mewtwo's inclusion in Brawl and was upset to see him being repliced by the blue jackal anubis monk wannabe thingmabob. Mewtwo was a fun character to use, and in the right hands he could be devestating, but he was largely still considered to be lower tier than most.


The original Melee model of MewTwo resembled Ken Sugimori's original rendition of the cloned Pokemon, pictured on the left. Smash 4 should introduce the new and improved, properly proportioned rendition seen on the right.

Mewtwo has now more options for attacks and could use a revamp in the specials department. He should still keep his neutral+B as is and his up+B recovery needs to be buffed; perhaps teleport can have more range and more movement lienency during the drop. The down+B and side+B can be either buffed or replaced entirely...Devs, go crazy.

As for the mega evolution element, players can transform Mewtwo at any time during the battle, perhaps by using down + B a la Zelda/Shiek.


Version X : Would be a tad bit faster, with greater strength in his physical attacks, between smashes and A jabs. Moveset would alter from Mewtwo's to be more fighting oriented.


Version Y: Would see a larger speed boost than X's, and also a larger increase in special attacks - B attacks would be greater versions than before. Moveset can stay the same as Mewtwo's but as mentioned, buffed up in their traits. An example might be that shadow ball charges faster, does more damage, and is larger in size.

As to the actual direction of how the Mega Evolution would work in the battle, there are two routes to go with this:

- The Mega evolution is held for the rest of the stock life. Thus, if Mega Mewtwo X or Y (having selected one or the other on the character select screen before the battle has begun) is KO'd, he would return on his respawn platform as Mewtwo. If this is the case, Mewtwo's base attack should be scaled back a bit so the evolutions do not make him overpowered.



- The Mega Evolution is held for the rest of the game. At this point, the +B used to transform would be given a new unique attack for the version of evolution you took.

2A) Mega Evolution as a Final Smash (Temporary)

Taking inspiration of Final Smashes belonging to Wario and Yoshi from Brawl, Mewtwo could evolve into Mega Mewtwo for a short amount of time. The version you would evolve into could either be triggered by a button press at the time of activation in game, or selected at the character select screen to pay homage to Pokemon X and Y games forcing you to choose one stone or another as a held item before the battle began.


2B) Mega Evolution as a Final Smash (Permanent)

Akin to the then mindblowing Final Smash of Samus Aran in Brawl, Mewtwo's final smash could have him transform into a permanent state for the remainder of the game. Like the above option, trigger which branch of evolution to take either mid-game or select one or the other before the match begins.

I would imagine that this is permanent unlike Samus regaining her Varia suit when in Zero Suit form after obtaining the Final Smash once more and using it again. After the point of evolution, Mega Mewtwo X and Y would have their own respective final smashes that represent their types: X as a fighting type could use either Aura Sphere (fighting) or Psystrike (psychic), an attack that does physical damage. Y on the other hand can use either Future Sight or Psycho Boost.


Forget Mega Stones...Could this be the key to unlocking Mega Evolution for Mewtwo in Smash?

3. Unique, Individual Fighters Between Mega Mewtwo X or Y

I could imagine that the dev team skip out on Mewtwo entirely (one less moveset and character model to implement) and use him as part of an introduction while the announcer booms "3, 2, 1...GO!" and the character evolves into X or Y before the game begins.


You would select either X or Y, who share a space on the character select screen like Zelda and Sheik. And just like Zelda and Sheik, you can use your cursor to select the fighter you want before the game.

If the devs took this route, then you would be maining either X or Y at a time, depending on your preference. No switching forms mid game, just like in the original X and Y game you can only mega evolve once per battle.

Their movesets would be completely different from one another, with attacks from the original Mewtwo being split between the two on individual basis of what fits who better. As I've mentioned before, the emphasis of attack strength would be prevalent for the X variety, and Y would have stronger special attacks.


In conclusion, Mewtwo is the one legendary that started it all - although each game introduces newer and stronger Pokemon, the character of Mewtwo represents those memories of wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was. Defeating your rival at the Pokemon League and still have one more challenge yet...You get shivers just thinking about it. Mewtwo is the go-to legendary Pokemon that gamers revere when discussing the all-time greats. His presence in the anime, featured films, and games is a testament to his star power.

Now, thanks to his special mega evolutions, Mewtwo is back in the spot-light and more relevant than ever. He is given even more mystery and the legend continues with the Genetic Pokemon. The only question that remains is if the legend continues in Smash Bros. 4 ! Only time will tell.


Thanks all for checking out the artwork and reading the next on Stormborn/Bonny John's Smash Bros character roster wishlist prediction show!


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