I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Smash Bros Themed 3DS XL Hits Stores on Sept 19. Doesnt Come with Game

A leaked Wal-Mart ad has revealed that the Smash Bros themed 3DS XL (which comes in blue as well!) will be hitting store shelves on September 19. It strangely doesn't come with the actual Smash Bros 3DS title, though this isn't the first time Nintendo has released a 3DS around a new game and failed to include it with the system. If it did come with the game and launched half a month early you can bet your sweet buns it would sell out in every store, but alas.

With the announcement of the "New 3DS" I've decided not to pick up this newest 3DS XL, though it certainly is tempting. Anyone going to jump on this special edition? If so will you go for red or blue?


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