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Praise the gaming gods, we’ve witnessed another Smash Bros Nintendo Direct and it was chalked full of new info and some (make that a lot) that we already knew about thanks to leaks. Just so it’s easier to wrap our heads around I’m to break it down into bullet points.

  • Roy is back! You can buy him NOW ($4 for a single system, $5 for both)
  • Roy is not a direct Marth clone and is not exactly the same as in Melee.
  • Ryu from Street Fighter joins the fight! He is much more complicated than the average fighter and has actual button input combos like he does in other fighting titles. He comes packaged with his own stage, Suzaku Castle. ($6 for a single system, $7 for both)
  • The Dreamland stage from N64 is back. ($2 for a single system, $3 for both)
  • The Smash team is working on bringing more N64 stages to the newest Smash Bros. Hyrule Castle and Mario Bros stages were shown.
  • The Miiverse stage is finally here and it’s FREE!
  • We are getting a ton of new mii costumes including *deep breath* - Isabelle (Animal Crossing), Inklings (Splatoon), Zero (Mega Man X), Mega Man.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network), Heihachi (Tekken), Jacky and Akira (Virtua Fighter)
  • There are Mii Gunner, Swords Man, and Brawler amiibo on the way. Each can be customized with gear.
  • amiibo for ROB, Falco, Mr. Game & Watch and Duck Hunt are coming in September.
  • The Game & Watch amiibo has three swapable poses, unlike any amiibo before
  • All other characters (Lucas, Mewtwo, Roy, Ryu) have amiibo on the way.
  • You can upload replays straight to YouTube now
  • There are new trophies

Here’s the whole video incase you wanted to watch it yourself.

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