I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Smash fist on keyboard, receive National Book Award

In which, amongst other things, I wonder of the potential for the annotation feature combined with Where's Waldo images.


So, first off; Yeah, good luck finding that guy. If you spot'm first, make sure to annotate it to claim your victory! (and spoil it for the rest of us, I guess (looking back, I may not have thought this through entirely..)

Of other things I have to say at the moment:

  • I'm gonna miss the lil' boxes at the bottom of the page showing the latest article from a selection of other Gawker sites. (and the list of the current site's articles on the side)
  • Apparently the < marquee > tag doesn't work here, it just.. erases it once you switch back from HTML mode, I guess. (just found about that tag, too) :(
  • I have a new 2TB WD external hard drive, but I've yet to use it to backup due to being unsure about what program to use, either WD's or some other software. (personally, aside from having a system image squished in there for safety-first, I'd like something that would do a full backup, and then backup up only changes when I got around to plugging it back in every once in a while, and do this with minimal system usage)
  • Is there such a thing as a smartphone, that has a touchscreen, a numerical keypad, runs Android, that's good?
  • Buttons? In my TAY? (EDIT: Welp, I guess not; only in the publishing window, I suppose)
  • Is there some difference in the formatting of Kinja between Deadspin and io9? While looking at them with IE8 (no need to ask), Deadspin displayed no logo or comments. (this I mostly expected), but with io9, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could see both the logo and comments. (but couldn't actually comment, but that's fine) Oddly, for at least Deadspin, my own Kinja blog, and the (hopefully still to be finalized) Kinja'd Kotaku site, they're the ones that didn't show those things. (or, another way to say it; io9 and Talk Amongst Yourselves are the two Kinja sites I've seen so far that somehow show the comments/logo to IE8) I don't remember for sure, but I think I was actually able to see stuff like the comments when Deadspin had first made the move the Kinja. Anyways, in my opinion, if/when Kotaku goes Kinja, I'd like it to use whatever io9 and TAY use, please.
  • I really hope that these extra width and height image tags will prevent the following image from getting blown up to XBOX HEUG proportions this time. (gotta plublish this first to find out, I guess)

(EDIT: oh come on, isn't there anyway to control the sizing of this stuff??)

I can't think of anything else to type at the moment (or more excuses to try out more HTML formatting), so I think I'll stop for now. But before I go.. cheesy techno-flavored saxophone, anyone? ;D

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