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Smash Shot of the Day: Cat's Out of the Bag

Here's the last Smash U shot for the week! Sakurai's reintroduced the Assist Trophy item - except this time, he's featuring a French Bulldog as the rep for Nintendogs!


Today's shot features the assist trophy, an item introduced in Brawl that functions much like a Pokeball for Nintendo icons of the ages. Where as you could hold the Pokeball in your hand and run around stage with it to unleash its creature at your discretion, the assist trophy must be used right away as soon as you pick it up.

The game will automatically have your character hold up the item in the air to unleash its surprise as soon as you pick it up...But watch out! Players can interrupt that animation and leave you defenseless and punish you soon after!

We've yet to see if Assist Trophies behave in the same way as the Brawl version in Smash U, as I personally would enjoy if they could be used at your whim, and not automatically after pick up.


The notable take away in today's reveal is that we have a new dog barking away, licking your screen and blocking your view. Brawl featured exclusively a golden retriever pup.

It would be preferable if various breeds made their appearances as part of the franchise for this assist trophy. While we're at it, why not throw a couple Nintencats into the mix? Do it, Nintendo.

Will Zuko return to annoy us with his cuteness level of 9000!?

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