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Smash Shot of the Day: Out of this World Character Reveal!

You're going to have to deal with horrible puns when it comes to "Smash Shot of the Day", it's just one of those things in life that you have to accept.

If you watched this morning's Nintendo Direct, you'll have seen that Rosalina, by way of a very hilariously clever reveal, is now a fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Still a horrible name)!

The above photo is seen on the official Smash website, in honor of the reveal. However...did you know that there was another photo in place of this one before the announcement!? Yes, it's true! Luckily, I saved it when I saw it earlier in the morning to share as the Smash Shot of the Day, not expecting Rosalina to take the spotlight.


What the? Sakurai, why would you do this!? Link would never dare attack a princess! A pretty strange choice for an update photo. I suppose Sakurai needed any sort of filler to make way for Rosalina early in the day.

You can find more images and the reveal video for Rosalina at the Official Super Smash Bros. web site. The URL for the page contains "Rosetta", which I assume is Rosalina's Japanese name. You learn something new every day!


My personal thoughts on Rosalina's reveal is that, although not widely expected (at least until only very recently), it makes perfect sense. Rosalina has increasingly made more and more appearances in various games from Mario Kart Wii (where she was oddly a "heavy class" character) to an actual playable character in the recently released Super Mario 3D World. It was after that point where she was made playable (almost out of left field) that she soon became a contender for making the roster.

Rosalina looks to play in a combination of styles akin to Captain Olimar and Ice Climbers. Olimar was announced around the time of Pikmin 3's release date, and the Ice Climbers have yet to return.

Rosalina's main form of attack stems from partnering up with a Luma, who attacks at range and at times mimics Rosalina's movements. It looks to be summoned to her aid, with various colors of Luma appearing in the reveal trailer. Could it be that the blue, green, red, and cream colored Lumas in the video have different roles and traits from one another?

In addition to her magical ability of summoning the Luma, she uses her telekinetic skills to lift up enemies with the wave of her wands for her grabs, she can "pick up" and pull multiple items on the ground out of reach and bring them to her feet to be picked up and used right away, and is capable of waving her wand before her to create a special deflecting wave that makes incoming projectiles fly literally over her head to keep her from harm.

Her movement speed is nothing special, and her jumps are average. Her up+B launches her at an arch like Diddy Kong's rocket recovery special when tilted.

My bet is that she'll have decent ranged attacks. They will be as effective as anyone's general combos but where she could be devastating is at close range. I can imagine her Smash attacks have high damage and strong launch capability. Her close game combos with the Luma will definitely be hard to master, and her potential will seemingly be missing until players learn how to use the Luma properly.


So, that's my break down, only of course based on the reveal video and photos.

What do you all think? Let's discuss in this weird new comment system below!

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