Damn. After creating a comprehensive compilation of shots that revealed most about the game after missing almost a month and a half's worth of updates for SSotD, we came swinging to get things on the right track...Only to miss the next day creating a twofer for today!

So, what are the updates for us to examine?

Thursday: March 12, 2014:
Zelda Special Attack

In the screenshot below, Zelda is seen engaging Toon Link from across the SMGalaxy inspired map with her neutral B special attack, Din's Fire. Alongside the image update, Sakura states:

"Zelda's Din's Fire is now stronger in its core. The farther it's projected, the bigger and more powerful it will be, but you need to hit foes with the core if you want to make them fall."


Zelda performs Din's Fire in Melee and Brawl:

Din's Fire in Brawl was already pretty strong, so having this boost is always welcome if it can close the gap between Zelda's offensive capabilities to that of Shiek's...That is if Shiek should return!

Next Screenshot!

Thursday: March 12, 2014:
"New" Item Reveal: (Returning) Motion Sensor Bomb


Without actually telling us directly, Sakurai could have left us in the dark as to what it is Donkey Kong is looking at over here. This alien-like object is actually the next gen Motion Sensor Bomb, an item that's gone through unique changes every game thus far:


(Image courtesy of Smash-Miiverse)

The new MSB is not only very alien in design (a rather strange choice of direction) but also tiny in comparison to the old bombs, making it more harder to see after being placed. Of course, players should stay away from a set MSB as if their life depended on it...and that's because it does...This thing does a ton of damage.

Fun Fact about the Motion Sensor Bomb: The trophy for the item states its origin is "TOP SECRET", alluding it to be an item to be high tech and used by spies of some sort. That's because it's true to a degree - the design of the mine practically lifted from GoldenEye on the N64!

Here's the proximity mine from the GoldenEye and a the SMB from Melee below it.


See the similarities? With Rare moving onto Microsoft in that generation, Nintendo couldn't formally say their item was from a game developed by their ex-lover. Thus, in Brawl, the item got a face lift and is now said to be from the Smash Bros. universe. A trend that has been broken by this item is that it does not carry or feature the Smash logo, as other new versions of old items have been revealed to feature. Between the home run bat, bumper, and the ray gun, the new MSB doesn't look to be from the same canon of design.

So there you go! Hope this post makes up for missing a day. See you tomorrow with the next Smash Shot of the Day!