Hello everyone! How's the day going? I don't think this is a chat or open forum just a place to share some shots of that game you have been most likely playing for the past 3 days straight. I may or may have not quit work and dropped out of school to pursue a competitive smash career(W.I.P). Anyways! On to the screengrabs!

Here we have Rush sniffing Yoshi's... OH MY. At least Mr. Resetti is sensible enough to see that something is wrong here.

In this lovely shot we have Kapp'n about to run over crab thingy from Pikmin(?) I'm sorry I didn't know I was going to create this post I will have a full trophy list of characters next time!


Here we have Wii Fit Trainer and a Fox that looks frightened by whatever she has going on with her face. She is revealing her true form! Don't stare! Our overlord commanded me to watch this(NSFW?). I recommend you don't!

No better place to find comfort than a woman's bosom eh Charizard? Or he's just a really nice lizard-flamedragon-pet thingy...


You're nothing more than a footstool in the grand scheme of things C. Falcon! Sorry Falcon players are some of the most obnoxious things I can run into online that's not named Nach :^)


Quick! What do you get when you splice the genes of one Captain Falcon with those of one Goddess of light? A MONSTER RUN!! I still think that Captain Falcon has better thighs and backside than Palutena no matter how much her trailer tries to convince me otherwise.

Why are they all striking the same pose? Duck Hunt Duo showing us that despite their age they can still take photos like those Youngins!


Lastly, for today at least, we have a duck hunt dog doing something naughty and looking at things he shouldn't. If I had my blushy emoji I would use it.

I think that's it for this time around, though this may be a weekly thing. Forgive any terrible formatting and/or punctuation errors or headaches. My writing isn't too hot and this is my first post I think... Feel free to share and hilarious or serious screenshots you guys have acquired during your weekend of smash!