It's no secret that the lot of us on Kotaku and TAY are huge Smash Bros. fans. As we eagerly await the game to touch down, we get updates via Sakurai on the official Smash website as well as Miiverse posts. Smash Shot of the Day was started by GiantBoyDetective as a means to quell the thirst for new details that trickle every so often.

The last Smash Shot of the Day that was covered on 1/23/14...That was quite a while ago! Hopefully we can get back on track and keep the updates coming in daily after this recap.

Without further delay, let's begin!

New Game Mechanics!



Actually, that makes it sound like a bit stronger than it actually is...This is not a fatality or ultra combo style move! Instead, it's the topping of the sundae- characters (like Fox seen above) who have neutral a attacks that attack infinitely until interrupted by the user or enemy, now have the option to end the infinite combo with a launching attack that Sakurai labels a "finishing move". The strength of the move is undetermined. It is assumed it has decent knockback, of course in correlation with the enemy's damage percentage.

Smash Attack Variations


It is unknown as to whether or not this new gameplay mechanic is exclusive to the newcomer Little Mac at the moment, but it seems to be a fun new addition. Little Mac is capable of varying his strikes for his side smash attack. Depending on the direction the analog stick is titled upon during the charging phase of the smash or immediately after a smash is initiated will turn the smash into an uppercut or body hook, respectively.

New Characters!

Returning Veteran: Lucario


In the past few weeks since the last Smash Shot of the Day update, we've gotten 3 characters who return alive from the chopping block. The internet released a collective sigh at the return of Lucario, a character who may spell doom for returning veteran hopeful, Mewtwo. No word on whether or not Lucario is able to release his mega form on his foes, but it is likely considering Lucario is one of the posterboys for the new ability from the recent Pokemon X and Y. What has been revealed about the fighting jackal is that the emphasis on aura will make a larger impact on gameplay...Definitely good news for Lucario fans.

First Time Fighter: Little Mac


WVBA Champ Little Mac enters the ring for the first time in the franchise, bringing with him an incredible foray of physical attacks that feature an unprecedented level of super armor, quick releases, speedy ground coverage, and even a counter. However, the big news regarding Mac's moveset is the K.O Meter, an exclusive meter that builds over time that allows Mac to unleash a 1 Hit K.O upper should the blow

It has been revealed that Little Mac will be an absolute beast so long as his feet touch the ground; he is shown to feature weak aerials and a less than stellar recovery uppercut to offset his offensive capabilities when on the ground.

Returning Veteran: Diddy Kong


Finally, the last character to make an entrance into the hallowed grounds that is Smash Bros 4 is Diddy Kong, being revealed on the U.S launch date of the Wii U's Tropical Freeze. Diddy seems to play the same as his last iteration, with no notable differences being made other than the update in screenshot form that tells his Up+B recovery move will have more horizontal coverage if needed, a nice upgrade for the young Kong.

New Assist Trophies and Pokeball Summons!

Returning Assist Trophy: Waluigi


Fans of the purple clad Wario brother might be disappointed to hear that Waluigi will continue to sit and watch from the bleachers...That is, until he gets summoned by Assist Trophy. It is still unknown whether or not the game will feature a change to how AT's are handled; whether or not the player has to stand still to summon their newfound ally.

Waluigi is seen with his tennis racket, like in Brawl, as Mario Tennis was the first game the evil brother was introduced in.

Newcomer Assist Trophy: Mother Brain


The iconic Mother Brain appears for the first time in the franchise. Featured on a stage inspired by Other M, few might think she was a stage hazard but the sizable frenemy appears when summoned by AT and fires a "Laser Brain Attack" at her enemies. Not much else is known about the attack, but we can assume it'll do a ton of damage...One of the most iconic of Metroid characters only deserves as much!

New Pokeball Summon: Palkia

As the face of Pokemon Pearl's, the version mascot who controls space and dimension appears as a summon rather than a background character. This ancient legendary performs his flagship attack, Spacial Rend, at unsuspecting foes on the battlefield. Dialga might not be too far behind!

New Pokeball Summon: Dedenne


With each new generation of Pokemon comes an adorable Pika-cousin...In the latest X and Y series, that creature is none other than Dedenne. The Pokemon appears to release bolts of electricity in an x shape...Perhaps in a nod from one of the games he came from? Dedenne is the second Pokemon announced from Gen 6, the first being Xerneas.

New Items!

New Item: The Beetle


Fresh from the latest console Zelda title, Skyward Sword, comes the Beetle! This item was used by players by waving the Wii Remote to control the flight path of the Beetle to activate switches or retrieve items. The item in Smash can lift enemy players when latched on after being thrown by the user. Marth is seen being taken to heaven...Can he wriggle free in time?

Returning Item: Home Run Bat

A fan favorite weapon, the Home Run Bat returns with an all new look. Something that Sakurai has pledged with items so far in a recurring theme is to turn all the more "unique" or generic items to be branded as part of the Smash franchise. The pommel of the bat features as Smash logo, in case you missed it! It's expected the now iconic "screech" sound effect will return with everyone home run swung...I mean, how could they leave that out!?

New Item: Bottled Fairy


The second Zelda universe item to be revealed for Smash 4. Bowser, seen in his strange taunt dance from Brawl hovers over the Bottled Fairy item in a parody from the Super Mario 3D World's intro. The item heals players, even those who have succumbed over 100 percent of damage. It is unknown whether or not the Recovery Heart will return or if it's being replaced.

Returning Item: Bumper


Again, the emphasis on rebranding items is seen here with the generic bumpers now featuring a Smash logo on the front and back of the item. The detail given even to items are quite impressive, as seen in the second shot where the rivets of the bolts are seen at the bottom, as well as the brushed metal texture that shines bright.
Sakurai also notes that the flippers will not be returning, with the Bumper taking full spotlight of...bumpy related affairs for the series.

New Stages!

"New" Punch Out WVBA Boxing Ring


I mean...we saw this coming from a mile away, right? Sakurai and company teased Little Mac from the very beginning, introducing the boxing ring featuring Smash logos in the very first reveal trailer for Smash 4. It is unknown if players can select between the variation of the stage, which features no differences outside of aesthetic decorations.

3DS Exclusive Stage: Tortimer's Island


This level was actually hinted at in an earlier Smash update, which had featured Kappn' the Kappa. Inspired by AC: New Leaf's chunk of rock that featured delectable beetles to be sold at absurdly high prices, Tortimer's Island makes its way as a new stage exclusive to the handheld version of Smash 4. The stage is unlike that found in the actual game, in that it features a new design and layout...Actually, the stage will generate new layouts each visit! This echoes the game mechanic for the actual village that players call home.

Notables Screens!

With quite a number of screenshots left that have not been featured in this round up, the following 2 are notable for being a bit more interesting than the others.

Stage Variation


Usually, the Spirit Train is seen being conducted by Toon Link in proper attire in the 3DS exclusive stage. It has been revealed however, that Spirit Track's Alfonzo will take the place as conducter if Toon Link is selected to participate in the battle on the stage. Nice little touch!

Stage Hazards


Another 3DS exclusive stage related update features the sisters Koume and Kotake (No, not Kotaku!) that merge together to form Ocarina of Time's Twinrova. These two are stage hazards that appear on the Gerudo Valley stage.

Let's Get Up to Date!

The latest update has arrived!
Today's update features...Little Mac!? Or is that Big Mac?


Simply a trophy, Little Big Mac seen above is the character model of the petite boxer based on his appearance from Captain Rainbow, a Japan only first party title. The bizzare game features tons of references to other Nintendo franchises, including Little Mac who was seen out of shape since it had been a while since the boxer had made his way to a game. That would change with the Wii title Punch Out!! as it looks like Little Mac has returned to full form to show his Nintendo brother and sisters who's boss!
We're officially on track from here on out to post the newest of new updates straight from Sakurai!


Whew! So there you go...All the updates that I thought you guys might be interested in...consolidated in one place with narration that should get you guys up to speed. Hope you enjoyed this little feature and hope to see you at future updates for Smash Shot of the Day!

Stay tuned for a new Pokemon One a Day illustration later tonight!