Kotaku focused on the first two Smash shots of the Day at the start of the week, which sort of crumbled the once a day routine we have here going on TAY (we forgive you, older sister site) so since we have 3 updates left to pick up where they left off, I figured I'd cover all 5 days in one update in the unnecessarily extensive examinations I give these updates.

This week was rather...bland. This was perhaps the worst week of updates so far, if I could inject my two cents into the mix! Ready to find out why I think so? Let's begin!

Monday: Returning Item/Mechanic: Final Smash

So we start things off with the game changer that Brawl introduced those years ago - the infamous Final Smash orb is back. This waste of an update showcases the item up close and personal - the item is largely the same from last time in appearance and size it seems.

We already knew the Final Smash item was going to return as the game's reveal trailer showcased Samus firing her Brawl Final Smash attack (and cutting away at the end of it to have us wonder if Zero Suit Samus will return as a playable character) so this update was pretty disappointing.

What would have made this update a decent one is if Sakurai dropped some details on any changes and/or additions to the mechanics of the Smash ball. Will it be activated with a new input so player's netural b's can be used and not go to waste? Will fighters have just one final smash like before, or perhaps a second one to choose from this time around? Any little tidbit could have made Monday's "reveal" more exciting than confirmation for a mechanic we kne would return.

Tuesday: Stage Update: (3DS Exclusive) Super Mario 3D Land




In perhaps the most extensive update Sakurai has given yet, and also the most interesting of the week, we get a tour of a stage we've seen glimpses of before. The screenshots feature various parts of the level as Kirby and Mega Man duke it across moving platforms, stone blocks, land, and spike pillars. The stage will be played like a side scrolling platformer, and moves in one set direction to points where the stage will travel on rail. The whole set up takes two minutes to lap, before players are taken down a pipe to be brought to the start of the level and run the course again.

Wednesday: Sakurai Is a Creeper Photo Update


This has got to be the worst update by far. What exactly are we looking at, here? Is there a hidden message or detail we have to pick up?

Absolutely nothing. Just a photo of a Rosalina, who has fallen after getting punched in the face. What does Sakurai have to say about this?

"Fallen Rosalina. Strange how calm and nonchalant she looks even when she takes damage. Is it because she's from outer space?"

...What. The. Hell.

Thursday: Diddy Kong's Special Move Upgrade


If you've been dying to find out whether or not Diddy's Peanut Popgun is going to be stronger than it last was in Brawl, today's your lucky day!


What's that? That was the last thing you wanted to see in an update? Me too, dear viewer. Me too. Apparently this time around, Diddy's peanut bullets will result that "the explosion will really blow your enemies away". Exciting.

Friday: New Trophy - Lightning Flash Phosphora, one of the commanders of the Forces of Nature of Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS.



Did your heart skip a beat because you thought we had a new character to announce!? Well sorry about that, because you're getting a new trophy...Yay?


Not that Phosphora is worth of being a character in the roster (I think we'd all rather see Palutena fight alongside Pitt as representatives for the Kid Icarus franchise, or at least Medusa or Hades) but I digress...Look Sakurai, trophies are cool and I enjoy collecting them as I play the game, but I'm not looking to be updated or get hyped through revelations of these things when we have a lot more stuff to learn about!

One of the key differences of the Wii U and 3DS Smash titles are the unique trophies to their systems, and with Kid Icarus: Uprising being a 3DS title, it's strange to see the trophy seen here is rendered out for the Wii U version of the game. However, cross pollination obviously makes sense, and it would be silly to actually limit Nintendo's history told through trophies on a console to console basis. Then again, I think it's stupid to try and entice fans to buy one version over another because of how they tout that the differences between the consoles are "exclusive trophies".


So what did you think of the round up and this week's updates? Pretty boring set of pictures, wouldn't you say? Sound off in the comments below!