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SmashFest Impressions

I went to the Smash-Fest event at my local Best Buy in Lexington, KY today, and it was a pretty good time! Similar to the event they held last year, there was a long line of Nintendo fanatics (including myself), waiting for 2 of their most anticipated games of the year. I got there around 2:30 local time, and there were already people in line. Some of them may have been there since the store opened. That's dedication, folks!

Originally, Nintendo and BB announced that only the Wii U version would be playable. But, sure enough, as I was standing in line playing my 3DS, Nintendo representatives passed around 3DS XLs with the portable version of Smash Bros. The only mode they would let us play is the newly revealed "Smash Rush" mode. You pick a character (same roster as the Wii U), and you run through a cave on a timer, fighting off several enemies. As you defeat enemies, you'll be able to collect stickers, which add different stat points to your character, such as speed, attack, defense, and so on. When your time ends, you'll be thrown into a traditional Smash match against computer players with the attribute points you collected. And maybe you'll be the victor!


There were many conversations between fans concerning Nintendo's E3 announcements, how bad the other companies did (it's a Nintendo event; what did you expect?), changes in the new Smash games, and general joyous game talk.

I was excited when it was time for me to play the Wii U version. Everyone used Wii U Pro Controllers; some people brought their GameCube controllers, but they did not have the new Controller Adapter there. It was actually my first time using a Pro Controller. It feels incredibly comfortable, but my only complaint is the placement of both the analog sticks at the top. I never saw anyone use the Gamepad, Wiimotes, or Wiimotes and Nunchuks.

I can't say I was too skilled in my 2 matches I played, but I had a lot of fun! I used the Villager and Greninja, who both seemed to be the favorites to the crowd, along with Mega Man and Wii Fit Trainer. Unfortunately, Pac-Man was not playable. Players and observers watching the matches loved seeing the different moves of the new characters, especially the Final Smashes! My favorites were Mega Man's enormous laser, the Villager's "house of doom", and Little Mac's deadly uppercut.

I can't mention a Nintendo event without Streetpasses! So many people brought 3DSs! And I got so many Streetpass hits! I noticed almost every different 3DS model: several of the coveted Zelda XLs, a Yoshi XL, the original Zelda 3DS, and I even saw a guy with a 3DS inside a Circle Pad Pro!


Now, I guess I've rambled long enough about this. I'll share my pics down below, but BEFORE I DO!


I'm sure many of you were curious about the limited Smash coin available when you preorder either version of the game. It was advertised as only being available to the 1st 70 people that preordered, but the woman from Nintendo told us that anyone who preordered either game today or Saturday would get the coin. Even better, when I stepped to the register, the BB employee told me that I'd get 1 coin PER ORDER. Meaning that if I preordered both versions, I'd get TWO COINS!! Which is exactly what I did: $10 down for both copies ($5 each). I heard various rumors about the coins being available to online preorders as well; I can't confirm that, unfortunately. Definitely talk with your local Best Buy/Nintendo employees for all the details. It may vary by store.


Also, you'll receive valuable Nintendo coupons! One is $20 off "select Wii U games" (Mario & Sonic at Sochi, SM3DWorld, DKC:TF, and NSMBU). Another is $30 off Wii U, 3DS XLs, or 2DSs. And the final one is 10% off Wii U and 3DS accessories.


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