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SnackTAYku Rebuttal: Dorito's Jacked Mystery Flavors

After reading Mike's Snacktaku review of the three new Dorito's Jacked mystery flavors, I decided I had to go to the market and try these out for myselves. Being a fan of spicy foods, I felt my opinion would contrast greatly with Mike's.

I'm also stealing Mike's pictures for this article, because he's about a million times better at internetting/photographing/videoing/Kotakuing than I am, but hey, same team, right?


In any case, let's start at the beginning:

Flavor 855 — Sour Cream and Cheese, With a Kick

I know Mike indicated he didn't like spicy foods in his review, but I didn't really catch much heat on this one. These Doritos are significantly less spicy than the flaming hot variety. There's a strong sour cream note, followed by cheddar cheese and some seasonings, like the paprika Mike mentioned. The heat doesn't really kick in until after you've swallowed the chip, and even then it's pretty mild. My wife, who doesn't enjoy spicy foods either didn't care much for the flavor, but was able to eat them without needing a drink. She also commented that they weren't as hot as she expected. I thought these were pretty good, and I've eaten more of them than the other two varieties so far.

Flavor 404 — Citrus BBQ


There's not much I can say here, I agree with Mike on this flavor. It's quite delicious, but it's nothing to write home about for me. I like the sweetness of the molasses and brown sugar, combined with the citrus elements and the onions and garlic to make what essentially tastes like a tangy barbecue sauce. That little citrus note is what puts this one over the top for me. It's a good chip, but I still like 855 just a bit more.

Flavor 2653 — Chocolate-Covered Bacon


My wife and I both had a hard time heads or tails of this one. You get the taste of chocolate and a sweetness, but it's very closely followed up by a smokey kind of flavor. I fully expected these to taste god-awful based on Mike's take (he and I agreed on Oreos), but I didn't find them to be awful, just.... strange. The problem is, the bacon flavor (yes, "bacon flavor" is listed in the ingredients on the bag) doesn't come through, mostly because they use a number of elements to try t0 get that bacon flavor, and it fails. It's not a bag of chips I'd ever consider buying, but it might not make you shudder.

In any case, as Mike said, your mileage may vary. I'd encourage those of you that are openminded to try these flavors out, as they're all pretty interesting if nothing else.

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