I'm really feeling it!

Ever felt like drinking a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? How about some sweet corn? Knocking back a few usually doesn't involve bacon... but maybe it should.

There are a lot of whacky flavors out there when it comes to soda. I've made it a summer goal to find and try some interesting soda flavors, as I'm very fond of sodas like Jones and Izze. Here are my quick thoughts on the flavor anomaly that is the Rocket Fizz S'mores Soda.


S'mores isn't the craziest flavor I've ever seen when it comes to soda (that would be dirt), but when my wife surprised me with this bizarre Rocket Fizz original I wasn't expecting much. I was pretty sure I was going to pull a comedy spit-take after the first gulp. As I was driving at the time I assumed I would also swerve out of control and crash head on into oncoming traffic. Much to my surprise neither of these things happend.

At first the S'mores soda just tasted like a normal cream soda with a hint of graham cracker, but soon came the after taste. PURE S'MORES GOODNESS. Seriously. It tasted like I had just shoved a warm marshmallow and chocolate sandwich in my face hole. I'm not even that fond of s'mores as a flavor, but this was oddly enticing. It's-a pretty great! I can't wait to see what peanut butter and jelly has in store...

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