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SnackTAYku: Blueberry Pie Oreos Are As American As Eating Fatty & Sugary Snacks. And They're Delicious.

One of the latest in a hopefully long line of new (but sadly limited edition) Oreo flavors is Blueberry Pie, sold exclusively at Target. And they’re delicious.

And here is a picture of the actual cookies.


The cookie part, described as graham flavored, tastes very much like a pie crust, and the blueberry cream filling tastes a bit more like a sour cream & blueberry pie (pictured below) than a traditional blueberry pie, which is not a complaint.

As these are a limited edition, and only sold at Target, I highly recommend purchasing them online and selecting in-store pickup. Or if there’s no store nearby, and you don’t need to eat them right away, you can get them delivered.


Happy eating!

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