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SnackTAYku - Caps & Cups

While I was laid up with a massively swollen knee, my mum decided to treat me to two bits of American candy after a shopping trip, huzzah! After the pain of Twizzlers and the confused glory of Pay Day, I was ready to drop the ibuprofen and snack.

Wonka provided the first sugary treat in the form of Bottle Caps. Coming in five different flavours (Cherry, Orange, Grape, Root Beer and Cola) I tried each one and came to my confectionery conclusion:


Root Beer and Cola flavours were absolutely hideous, with me being unable to decide which one was more evil upon my tongue. Grape wasn't much better, and Orange was only a bit better than grape. The flavours were muted, off, and just... unappetizing. Cherry was the only one that tasted vaguely appealing to my Limey taste buds. I usually like that sort of candy, in the form of Swizzels-Mattlow's Love Hearts, Fizzers and Parma Violets.


Wonka, I am disappoint.

The day was saved though by that stalwart of American snack ingredients: peanuts. For the second treat was Hershey's Reese's Cups. A good mix of peanut butter to chocolate, with each complimenting the other for a tasty, moreish product. Some peanut butters can be a bit tacky and stick to the roof of the mouth, but I had no such trouble with that.

The question is, will there ever be a peanut-containing candy bar that I don't like? I'll have to find out next time, when hopefully Baby Ruth bars will be back in stock.

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