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SnackTayku: Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Early with Hostess' Shamrock Cupcakes (Or Try Them to Get Over a Hangover After the Actual Day)

That’s right, while so many are skipping right to Easter, Hostess hasn’t forgot about St. Patrick’s Day and the American obsession with eating and drinking things that are green.

And they’re pretty good. Because they’re basically like the regular Hostess Cupcakes but with a bit of mint flavoring, which if you’re normal you enjoy mixed with the taste of chocolate.


As noted on the box, they’re individually wrapped, and they actually like pretty much like the picture on the box, so good job on that too Hostess, you either did well making them or put an honest picture on the box, which is even more impressive.

So enjoy, but maybe stick to one a day, and don’t devour the entire box*.

*or go ahead, I’m not your doctor.


To put it in terms of other sweets, the mint taste is not as strong as a Thin Mint, but is much stronger than the shake that shares its name (the Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s, which I hope to enjoy soon enough.

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