There’s another new Oreo flavor, and this time they’re taking a friendly shot at Chips Ahoy and giving them some competition with the Choco Chip Oreo.

And not only is the creme filling “choco chip” flavored, but it has actual chocolate chips in it, and so does the cookie part, which are basically Oreo branded chocolate chip cookies.

It’s like the entire Oreo got turned into a chocolate chip cookie, and it’s good that way. Of course by now, if you’ve been reading my various Oreo reviews, you’ll realize I’ve yet to try one I didn’t like, so you might want to see for yourselves.


They’re way better than the Chips Ahoy with Oreo creme filling, that’s for sure.


These aren’t exclusive to any store as far as I can tell, I got them at Ralph’s (which is a Kroger chain in SoCal). So go get ‘em, and enjoy!