I am a firm believer that no matter the type of food, it can be eaten whenever. A stupidly simple statement, right? But I know we are all a little bit different. Some of us adhere to labels of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that certain foods should be categorized and eaten strictly during their designated time zones. I have respect to those of you who do said things. It may be a matter of not being able to handle heavier foods earlier in the morning too or whatever the case may be. I understand our needs may be different. I probably should do same but sometimes eating half a burger at 7 in the morning may be a necessary evil! A bowl of plain old cereal for dinner? Yes. Sometimes you just have to make up for the days' prior..."misgivings" in that half a burger you may have consumed.

And yet, seeing the Kellogg's Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Limited Edition Cereal made me think, "well, there is a ridiculous sighting in retail if I ever did see one..." And I have seen a few. There was something about sugar-coated flakes mixed with chocolate flakes, fairly sizable chocolate chunks and almonds for the illusion of "healthy cereal" that made me have a little bit of a mental up chuck. It happens even to me.

"What? If trail mix can add chocolate to its fun, why can't cereal? This is a dream come true!"

"Frosted flakes with chocolate flakes? Maybe you are looking at this the wrong way: it's dessert!"


All valid, if not strange points you make there internal audience.

But upon actually eating it, here is my assessment:

This is a sugary beast that stands all its own. Though that's not quite right. It actually just sort of tastes like regular frosted flakes when every part that makes the whole is consumed in one bite. Did I mention the chocolate flakes are frosted too? I am not sure that was necessary and those almonds? I am also not quite sure what their point is. They certainly are not there for extra crunch. Maybe for a bit of almond flavour but by the time you get through all the sugar, well that's all they become wrapped up in too. Eating this cereal often feels like eating a extra crunchy lumps of sugar.


Don't get me wrong, I love frosted flakes! There is something so criminal about them! Here though they could have done a lot more to live up to the "true indulgence" claim they made on the back of the box. For one, the chocolate flakes only taste like chocolate flakes when you single them out but when eaten with the regular flakes, they become flakes disguised in disappointment.

The chocolate chunks which seem few and far in between (not a complaint from me!) are like a tease for chocolate lovers I imagine. I am not a true chocolate lover myself (save a brownie, and a few other things), so I guess they add some sort if excitement if only for a velvety type of texture it adds to the whole affair. "Go ahead and live dangerously! Eat chocolate for breakfast!" are claims I suspect this cereal was trying to convey. However, I never felt I was living dangerously... says the girl who is quite able to down Chinese food leftovers at breakfast and loves some freaking dim sum like you wouldn't believe.


I am not a connoisseur of the chocolates produced by the Chocolatiers at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Perhaps there are some of you quite excited by this discovery and will rush to your nearest purveyor of cereals (we attained this box at Target, guys). And all this said, you should definitely try it for yourselves. Texture wise it is wonderful. It is never short of a crunchtastic experience in that regard.

I think the thing I dislike most about this cereal is the fact that it turns the milk into a sorry excuse for chocolate milk. It leaves a powdery sort of film that hangs out on top of your bowl and does not make the milk nearly as chocolates as it should get in theory. It is also sort of overly "fake" tasting and low quality if that makes sense.


So that's it. Would I run out and get this again? No. I more than likely would not, unless someone can convince me to take a second taste. I definitely would not do it for breakfast nor do I even want to do it for a snack. I may keep sticking to plain old cornflakes, or Quaker Oatmeal squares for my cereal needs. And maybe bacon for my guilty pleasure as a once in a while designated breakfast food. Oh, that reminds me... Everyone! Did you know Aikage does not like bacon?! Shame him! SHAME HIM! But go easy on him for he is just a furby giving us Rarebit...


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