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SnackTAYku: Fatburger Triple King Challenge

This past Saturday, I participated in Fatburger's XXX Challenge (also referred to as the Triple King challenge). And for finishing it, I got a certificate, and I'll get my picture up on their wall.

For those unfamiliar, Fatburger is a local Southern California burger chain that, as you might guess, serves burgers. There's plenty of beef, but they also have chicken sandwiches, turkey burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, and even veggie burgers, as well as fries (fat or skinny) and various add-ons - if you're not going for the challenge, and either don't have heart health problems or your cholesterol medication prescription is all filled up, I recommend a chili cheese burger with a fried egg, just not every day.


The burgers range in size, starting with small and then going on to medium, large (also called the King Burger), XXL and XXXL (3 king burger patties, and where the XXX in the name of the challenge comes from, in case your mind was in the gutter).

After learning about the challenge, I decided why not? I've always wanted my picture on a wall for an eating challenge, and a triple burger isn't even that much compared to something like a 72oz steak challenge, and it's mostly protein (and fat).

The actual burger isn't quite like the picture, but it still tasted really good, as messy as it got. It was also piping hot, which was what gave me the most difficulty, and it was also pretty greasy which I started to feel towards the end.


And after a little under 8 minutes, I was done. How do I know it was under 8 minutes? Because I used the stop watch on my phone to see how long it would take.


And after I let them know I was done, they made an announcement that someone had completed the XXX challenge, gave me my certificate, and took a picture to put up on their wall, telling me it would be up after Sunday. I haven't gone back yet.

Here's the certificate, with my name blacked out because I'm writing this up while I'm at work.


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