Gorillas are large, quiet, gentle apes who are capable of walking upright on two legs but much prefer walking with both arms and legs. They are predominantly herbivorous apes that can be found in the forests of Central Africa. Chimpanzees and humans are the closest relatives to the gorillas. Gorillas, like humans, are social creatures and live in groups called troops. I think this is all flipping cool but what does this have to do with snacks?!?

Well, I'm going to introduce you guys to a new diet that consists of leaves and those little six legged critters on certain individual's back.

Alright, alright, I lied. I'm here to talk about Go! Go! Curry, and for reasons beyond my knowledge, the gorilla is their mascot.

To prepare for the wait at Nintendo World for the new Mario and Luigi game, Zarnyx and I, the great and illusive, UI 2.0 (soon to receive an upgrade patch, any day now....) decided to have some curry. Perhaps some of the reason why I suggest curry is to make TuT envious. Are you ENVIOUS?! (Please say yes)

Go! Go! Curry is what most New Yorkers would consider a "hole in the wall" since it doesn't do anything to stick out and is pretty small inside. Also, no bathroom inside, so please feel free to Google Map the nearest Starbuck and proceed to use their bathroom without buying anything.

Inside, you'll find a few small tables and a small counter for people to eat. After you trek down that 30 feet journey to the counter, you'll find that single cash register and someone at the counter ready to take your order with 3 people in the back preparing delicious curry.


That's the menu, bask in it's glory. Be hungry. Order quick, because it's going to take about 10 minutes for your order to be ready!

Alright, looks like someone is leaving. Steal that seat! Better leave, I've got my knife ready to cut you! (Only got a standard tiny pocket knife, it's illegal to carry a blade longer than 3 inches in NYC).

Looks like my order is done. It's a Double (wasn't too hungry) size Katsu Curry dish with Sausage topping.


Zarnyx had to wait a few minutes longer, but bam, here is her dish (taken from my HTC One, it's a pretty nice phone, the battery life on this thing is insane for a smartphone, you can go a whole day with 3-4 hours of heavy usage). It's the home run dish, size Walk. If I'm wrong, correct me.

Now a montage of the high quality photos of her dish taken by Zarnyx. Please scroll through at a reasonable pace while playing a music of your choice.



/End montage

And now I've finished eating.

Once Zarnyx finished her dish, it was onward to Nintendo World! Oh, and the verdict, the curry is good, I've had better, but this is a eatable dish for those who cannot withstand spicy. The pork is delicious and the sausage taste like hotdogs, maybe I should have opt for egg.


Still hungry? How about some Pocky from Nach?

Or continue to stare at more food.