The return of an old friend, well in this case it was just a long visit, be it a friend a family, a permanent stay or temporary visit, it’s becoming a tradition in our family, someone leaves the country and comes back X amount of months after for a visit, to catch up with friends and old acquaintances, to see if something has changed in the country, and to their surprise it has changed... just not the in right way.

Welcome back to... yes you guessed it right, SnackTAYku International, that column where we talk about food from our home country or some other place, this time I will take a more personal approach and talk more about my surroundings and less about the food.

The situation of the country is breaking apart families. Oceans, mountains, or simply distance keep us away from each other, the working class doesn’t have a future in this land, and is forced to flee the country, some because the government harassed them to flee, taking away their properties and not compensating them for their efforts, other cause the levels of insecurity are unberable, the thing is we are migrating all over the world, not because we don’t love our home country, but because our home country doesn’t love us anymore...


Music, chatter, drinks, and my favorite... food! There’s always plenty of food! In this case my uncle was craving for some soup cause apparently in Mexico they don’t know how to make a good “Cruzado” or something like a cross-over, we take the stock that is left from the beef rib, and mix it with hen soup to create the best of the both worlds a strong and not so unhealthy soup that could revive the dead! Carrots, plantains, potatoes, yam, and yucca is added along with many other greens like leeks, green onions and cilantro (to accentuate the aroma), all these ingredients are left to boil for around 5 hours, well the amount of time is proportional to the amount of soup, so it’s around an hour per liter.

There’s nothing special about the flavor of this soup, I mean it’s pretty good, and like we say over here “cura el ratón” Ratón being the hangover instead of mouse, so it’s a good hangover remedy, or so people say over here.


When a family member dies, we organize feasts, and start talking about the one who passed away, jokes and anecdotes from his/her life are told, photos from the time that uncle was younger and leaner or when he had a head full of hair, it eases the pain in some of us, I’m pretty sure it’s not a exclusive custom in my family, now what terrifies me is that the same is happening whenever someone arrives or leaves, hell it happened when I left too, and then again when I arrived a few months ago, so we go either to my parents house or at my aunt’s apartment, and stay there for hours and hours catching up, talking about our plans, who’s the new member of the family, who passed away, etc. I’m not sure why I’m terrified of this, because I love being surrounded by my family, even if I’m the odd one out of my family, the black sheep, I enjoy my time with them (and the food too!), but I can’t shake that feeling of uneasiness whenever we are gathered under the same roof...


Zarnyx will try to do her best to oust me again, and... she probably will, but you know Z, I’m not up for a competition, you play dirty with dead fishes and shark meals! Don’t force me to write about that time I ate goat in coconut sauce! Cause I won’t hesitate! ;)

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