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SnackTAYku: Monster Cereals - Count Chocula

Blood may be life, but chocolate tastes way better.

Happy Halloween everybody! Even though there are now official Snacktaku reviews of the 5 monsters cereals, I'm still going to write mine because I did the other 4 and I can't leave it incomplete, it will bother me. I still had some Boo Berry left but opened the Count's cereal so I could do a Halloween night review.


The mascot of this cereal of course is a vampire, and not just any vampire but Count Dracula's chocolatey distant cousin (?) Count Chocula. I was saving the best for last, because the fruit flavors might be good, but for me nothing beats a good chocolate cereal.

As usual, the cereal is ghost shaped and there's marshmallows. I could definitely taste the chocolate and it was good! The only other chocolate cereal I've ever had was after discovering Chocolate Lucky Charms (also at Target) last year. But the Count is much older (he's a vampire after all).


The great thing about any chocolate cereal is it leaves you with chocolate milk! And it tastes good like chocolate milk does.

So if you're a chocolate lover and don't have a problem with sugary artificially colored cereal, dig in, it's good. And if it makes any difference, sugar (at 9g) isn't the first ingredient, it's 3rd after Whole Grain Corn and Corn Meal (the marshmallows are 4th). It's also fortified with 13 vitamins and minerals meeting 6, 10 or 25% of the daily recommended value. So with a little denial you can almost convince yourself it's good for you.


The box also includes some trivia about Count Chocula and his monster buddies. It's been fun eating and reviewing (but mostly eating) these cereals. I was at Target this past weekend but they weren't selling them anymore so I wasn't able to get more of Boo Berry and Count Chocula (and the local Ralph's only had Frute Brute and Frankenberry). So that's it for these monsters cereals for me, until next year.

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