I'm really feeling it!

Renn Fest is one of my favorite places to eat. It's a mixture of nostalgia and discovery, and it always pleases.

The first thing to know about Renn Fest food is that it most of it comes on a stick.


[Insert sausage joke here]

We'll get to the pork chop in a bit.

My favorite thing at Renn Fest is Macaroni and Cheese on a stick.

(I wish that picture would have been clearer.)

Why is this my favorite? It's deep fried, crispy, cheesy, yummy and on a stick. OK, I don't need the stick part, but the rest is true.

Look at that. Perfectly fried and yet cheesy goodness in the center.

I have to admit it doesn't last long around me before this happens...

Good thing I have other things to talk about.

Before watching one of the shows, I sent my husband off to get some food. Apparently he was hungry, because he came back with this.


Oh man, I'm making myself hungry.

Let's take this one at a time:

  • Pork Chop (on a stick)- This is another favorite of mine. It's cooked perfectly and the spices are perfect. I may be biased, but I've never heard anyone complain, except once when the chop was cooked a little too long and was slightly chewy. That's once in the 12 years I've been going.
  • Sandwich- This is new this year. It's basically salami, mozzarella, and ham, but the bread makes it. I'm not sure what's in it...I forgot to ask, but it's wonderful. And so is the sauce on the side.
  • Fried Pickles- I don't eat these. I don't like pickles, but my husband and daughter do. The little one says, "They are the best thing ever!" So there you go.

Last, but not least...

Can you see me drooling?

These are amazing. That's it. Perfect fry.

Except maybe for these...

Funnel cake fries.

You know what? I love desserts, but those curly fries are better than the funnel cake ones. There, I said it.


So that's my whirlwind tour of Renn Fest food. I missed out on a lot of things, so maybe next year I'll do this again. Until then, hope I made you all hungry, especially Z and Nach. Payback! Mwaaahaaahaaa! :P

Now go to TAYClassic and tell us all about your favorite foods. Or video games, since I heard that what we are about here. :)

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