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Snacktayku review: generic fortune cookies

It tastes like manufactured dreams.

A couple of nights ago I went out to eat at some Asian buffet (it was meh), but when I paid the bill, I got a fortune cookie, as one generally does at cheap Asian buffets.


Anyway, it’s been a long day of driving (thankfully switching driving roles over the 14 hours), I got the munchies and need an article. .. So.... SnackTAYku.

Opening the plastic wrapper, there is a distinct scent of... Nothing. I had to bring my nose pretty close to the cookie itself before I got a whiff of the sweet cookie fragrance. Now, it wasn’t a fragrance of freshly baked cookies, or properly baked cookies period, but rather something artificially baked to a dry plaster. Appetizing.

The cookie itself is in the familiar fortune cookie shape, though a couple of pieces broke off already. Looking at one of the pieces, the texture is almost like miniaturized foam, but with super sharp edges.

Joke’s on you cookie, this post is being written at 2 am in the morning!

The taste of the cookie itself is extremely sweet, excessively so. It doesn’t taste like pure sugar; there’s a very unique after taste that’s hard to describe. It’s almost wheat-y in flavor, excessively sweet wheat, baked into a hard plaster. It’s a heavily manufactured taste, the exact same taste across countless other fortune cookies, forever doomed as after buffet desserts. However, even as the taste disgusts me, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about the cookie.


It reminds me of my high school days, when one day I procured a box of Wing’s Fortune Cookies (don’t ask how). I brought it to school where I kept the box in my locker. As my locker one of a few in a secluded area (there were like, 10 lockers in this area, seriously), it was a frequent hang out spot for my friends and I, and I would offer up cookies for fun.

I was the cookie kid from Family Guy, but instead of asking for cookies, I gave them away.


Yes, the cookies were as disgusting as they are now, but it was still fun. Good times.

Note that I didn’t write this post while enjoying a night cap...but I wish I did. That after taste is still in my mouth.

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