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Sorry it’s a bit out of focus, I took it from afar with digital zoom.

Taco Bell is continuing with their breaded chicken offerings, and still calling it “naked chicken”. Their newest offering are their Naked Chicken Chips. Which is just Taco Bell speak for, “hey, we have chicken nuggets now, but they’re triangle shaped, and there’s only one sauce, nacho cheese”. They’re also not very crunchy, so I feel like calling them “chips” is a stretch.


That being said, they’re still good. The breading is good and the chicken isn’t dry. And even if it was, there’s plenty of nacho cheese sauce to dip them in, and it’s got some actual spice to it. If you like chicken nuggets and nacho cheese sauce, then go get these.

There’s one other new item, making use of that breaded chicken. The Chickstar, aka “a crunchwrap supreme, but without the crunchy tostada shell or sour cream, and with breaded chicken instead of ground beef.” Again, none of that is a bad thing and this is also pretty good.


So if you like Taco Bell, but wished they had more breaded chicken choices, now’s the time to go.

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