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Today, Taco Bell started selling their new “Naked Chicken Chalupa” nation-wide, and I stopped at one after work to pick up three. I know Fahey already did a Snacktaku review, and I agree with him on it tasting pretty good, but where I don’t agree is on the filling, they should have taken it all the way and included meat in it. It also completely fails at being what it’s been named.

Let’s start with the “naked chicken” part. The chicken is breaded, so it’s not naked. Fail #1.


It also isn’t really a Chalupa. Because a regular Chalupa has a choice of (ground) beef, chicken, or steak filling, to go with the shredded lettuce, diced tomato, cheese, and possibly some kind of dressing. But this thing doesn’t have any choice of meet filling. Yes, I know the shell is made of fried chicken, but if the idea is that this “like a Chalupa, but with fried chicken instead of the thick tortilla for a shell”, then it fails at that without the meat filling. Fail #2.

And yes, I am saying I want ground beef (or more chicken, or steak) inside the folded up disc of fried chicken. That’s what a Chalupa with a fried chicken shell would be.


So good tasting product, but wrongly named.

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