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SnackTAYku: Taco Bell's Triple Double Crunchwrap Is 2 or 3 Times As Good As the Regular Kind

By a very fortunate coincidence, I stopped at a Taco Bell on the way home from work the very same day they released the new Triple Double Crunchwrap, in both regular and spicy options. And it’s twice as delicious as the regular kind, or maybe that’s thrice. Here’s the official picture.

I’m not really clear on how it’s “double the layers”. The regular Crunchwrap has a layer of beef/cheese and a layer of lettuce/tomatoes, so it’s double the layers of beef & cheese, and triple refers to the number of layers (3), even though it’s not triple the number compared to a regular Crunchwrap.


The important thing is it’s delicious, and you can choose the regular or the spicy, which includes jalapeno slices. Here are some actual pictures, which don’t quite look like the fancy marketing picture. Especially since the layers are a bit more smooshed together.


I’ll be honest, I inhaled this in about 5 minutes (at most), but from what I can remember, it tasted pretty good and I’d definitely get one again. This should be available at all Taco Bells as of today, and is only $3.49 if purchased alone. There’s also a $5 box meal that includes it, but I didn’t need a drink to have to carry.



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