I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

SnackTAYku: The peanuts are struck out!

The dream is over. There is no home run, no honour in this place. Baby Ruth stepped up to the batter's box after the hard-won victories of Butterfinger, Payday, Reese's Cups and Peanut M&M's and swung the bat of candy pride.

Strike One! Whole peanuts, disappointing taste. I'm not sure if they're being overpowered by the triple threat of chocolate, nougat and caramel, but the taste sensation was not there. A lame legume has ground the groundnut glory to a halt.


Strike Two! A calamity of consistency. I'm generally pro-mixed textures and a proud supporter of layered snacks, but the quadrogredient foursome had personality problems from the offset. From an inspection of the bar, it seems the chocolate surrounds peanuts on the top, and caramel at the sides, with nougat taking bottom and centre ground. Unlike perennial British favourite the Double Decker, or confectionery superstar the Star Bar, when the flavours come together the teamwork just isn't there. There's no I in Candy (but there is one in Confectionery.)

Strike Three! It just can't compare to a native bar. The UK version of the Snickers chocolate bar boasts many of the same ingredients as a Baby Ruth, but the formation is much tighter. A solid layer of nougat is topped by a rich mix of peanuts and caramel, surrounded by chocolate. The wider bar gives a better nougat/peanut/caramel/chocolate distribution per bite compared to the top-loaded, narrow selection of peanuts in the Baby Ruth.


(Kinja has eaten the rest of this post. It isn't SnackTAYku: Article Edition, Kinja.)

And with that it's over. It won't be orange juice being poured over Baby Ruth, but salty, roasted tears. No amount of free beer, hot dogs or nacho dips will keep the fans around for this. The crowds are chewing on their foam hands in disgust.


It's about all I know of Baseball too, thanks to cultural osmosis from US TV shows. Is the orange juice a Baseball thing, or an American Football thing? Perhaps it's just a TV thing. In any case...

"Savour the good", the wrapper told me.

Well, with one less U, but what's Brit without extraneous U's? But I shall heed it's advice, by buying something else instead of it next time.

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