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SnackTAYku International: Where do you eat in the Netherlands?


There aren't as many places here where you can eat as in America. There are a lot of restaurants, but there's nowhere where you can just pop in and eat. That is, except for McDonalds and turkish restaurants.


They have chairs an tables there, but you don't want to eat there. What you want to do is get drinks at the supermarket (they finally have Mountain Dew here) and then get a Kapsalon at the turkish restaurant and eat somewhere in town.

Now, the reason why turkish restaurants are so popular in holland is not just because it's the cheapest place where you can eat a (more or less) proper meal. (The only other cheaper place is a chip shop (fries, I mean fries)). But also because it's THE place to eat when you're going out. There's one near every bar.

Therefore I decided to go twice, once in the evening while sober and once while completely hammered.

I went out with a friend of mine and we went to a turkish restaurant. I ended up with a note on my phone saying it was delicious and pictures of me eating a turkish pizza in funny ways.


This is a turkish pizza, though I can't remember exactly what's in it. I usually get a Kapsalon.


Now, when I went the second time I got this.


It's chips (fries), beef, cheese, salad, garlic sauce and some hot sauce (a Kapsalon, which means hairdressers in Dutch). And it's delicious.

When you buy it you get a box like this.


Then when you open it...


There's no way to describe how that tastes. It's amazing. As you eat you fall in to this haze where there's just you and this greasy fries/meat/salad mix from which you don't awaken until you finish it. Every one should eat this.

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