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SnackTAYku: Wienerschnitzel Has Hatch Green Chiles (For a Limited Time)!

This has not been a week of healthy eating for me, but I’m not complaining. Yesterday, I was treated to a coupon flier in the mail from Wienerschnitzel, advertising their “Hot Dogs from around the USA” menu. There were 3 offerings: A Chicago Dog that I’m pretty sure they offer all the time anyway, a 2nd option that is just plain awful, and the best one, a chili cheese dog topped with green chiles from Hatch, NM.

The coupon I got was for a $1 off up to 2 of the new “Hot Dogs from around the USA”, so naturally to make the most of it I used it to get 2. I was also able to get the green chile as a topping to their chili cheese fries for just 30 cents extra.

Not quite like the picture, but still very delicious.

And they were delicious der-licious! The Hatch green chiles were flavorful and actually spicy. I caught a sight of a few seeds, which would explain the impressive spice level. I even ended up having to pour a glass of milk to stop my tongue from burning. I highly recommend getting the Hatch chile chili dogs (especially if you got a coupon), and also adding them onto some chili cheese fries if you have room for them. They’re supposed to be for a limited time (and those chiles are seasonal) so get ‘em while you can.

Bonus review: they’re also in the middle of their pastrami season, and had a Reuben dog, which was also quite good, although not as good as the Hatch chile chili cheese dogs (if you don’t have room for both).


Here’s the banner of their “Hot Dogs from around the USA”. And yes, I am very against putting pineapple on food, like burgers, pizza, and now thanks to Wienerschnitzel I can add hot dogs to that list.


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