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SNES Secret of Mana Boosted With MSU-1 Soundtrack

As if I really needed any excuse to replay Squaresoft’s Super Nintendo classic.

Depending on your age and gaming background, the name Secret of Mana might mean nothing to you or turn on your nostalgia knob to eleven. Thanks to the hacking efforts of DarkShock you can now play the second outing of the Seiken Desentsu series (the first game was released on the Game Boy ) with CD quality soundtrack streaming using byuu’s MSU-1 multimedia enhancement SNES chip. You can check the results in the video below.

This also opens up the possibilities for you to put any music you want to play along with the game, including my own. Now if I ever do start doing this, you can bet it will be a very long, very hard project because Mana already has one of the finest soundtracks ever made for a video game.


In a somewhat incredible coincidence, know that the Secret of Mana 16 mbit cartridge we own and love is nothing of what the final game was meant to be: It was to become the very first Squaresoft SNES Super CD game and it was meant to have a full Red Book audio soundtrack (along with multiple paths and endings, much like the sequel Seiken Desentsu 3), so truly we have come full circle.

“But time flows like a river, and history repeats...”

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