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SNEStonishing: Watch and Hear A Link to The Past Like Never Before!

You might have notice from some of my posts I am a big fan of people doing impossible things in old retro games and consoles. byuu's MSU-1 chip is without a doubt one of my favourite things ever and after seeing Road Blaster streaming FMV straight from the cartridge, I was expecting some big things to come out of the home brew community. And today, I am indeed not disappointed:


Now that I assume you have to pick up your jaw of the floor, yes indeed: People have put CD audio quality sound and FMV on the game that remains my favourite Zelda game of all time! Not only that, but now that this has been proven possible it opens up an amazing amount of possibilities for every SNES game ever made... is this how SNES games are like in the alternate universe where the SNES-CD was released?

Feel free to use the video description to find out how to do it while I imagine playing F-Zero to my own versions of the game's soundtrack... (Part 1, Part 2)

*OMAKE* 20 minute gameplay video by yours truly.


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