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So about that DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition

I'm probably not the only one who was at least a little excited about DRIVECLUB (yup, in all caps!!!). I mean, a completely free yet not completely neutered version of a full AAA racing game from Sony through PS Plus? Where do I sign? (Oh wait, I already did.)

So just in case you, like me, got home and immediately threw on some bunnyfeet p-jays, grabbed a DualShock 4 controller in your hot little hands, and set yourself down in front of the 'ol TV set in order to take a crack at that awesome new game DRIVECLUB (caps are cruise control for awesome!!!) that came out today, you may have found yourself disappointed. Yes, indeed, the game was released today! Except, apparently, for the PS Plus Edition:


Wait, so even the all-knowing official DRIVECLUB twitter account doesn't know what's going on with the major version that was supposed to get people to buy the thing? C'mon guys!


Update on the Playstation Blog:

Hi everyone. As many of you are already aware, the DRIVECLUB team has made the decision to postpone the release of the PlayStation Plus Edition due to multiplayer connectivity issues following the game's launch yesterday in North America and today in much of Europe. See here for a full statement on the situation from Evolution Studios.

The team is working around the clock to rectify these problems, and we apologize both for the delay in delivering the PS Plus Edition and for any difficulty that you may have connecting to the game's multiplayer servers.

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