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The Last Jedi will go down in history as a very divisive movie. Most either liked it or hated it. Recently it came to my attention that a group of individuals have proposed that the film should be completely remade. This is highly to unlikely to happen. But it got me thinking; what would I change about the movie?

The Last Jedi is not a perfect movie. I personally found the film to be decent. But people expect more than just ‘decent’ from a Star Wars movie. I still think that Disney is playing it too safe, and everything felt too calculated, too soulless, and too corporate. In my opinion, that’s how you usually end up with movies that are just decent.


*Spoilers for The Last Jedi ahead. But no spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, since I haven’t seen it*

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Canto Bight; they really needed to trim some fat off of that whole arc. I think that even people who enjoyed the movie a lot can agree that, at the very least, they could have edited that down. It was also pretty messed up how that entire adventure ended up being so unnecessary. Perhaps there could have been a different reason for them to send a team there, but may require altering something else...

Admiral Holdo. This character can still be in the movie, but I still think that it should have been Admiral Ackbar taking command. I really didn’t like seeing that character get taken out like trash. They deemed him to be such a worthless character that they pretty much just killed him off-screen.

It made me think of how Boba Fett was ‘killed’ in Return of the Jedi. Thankfully it left enough room for other writers to conceive of a way of him surviving. But for Ackbar they decided to do their utmost to make sure nothing can explain his survival. Star Wars does have a track record of killing of beloved characters in cheap ways. Original trilogy, Boba Fett. Prequel trilogy, General Grievous. New trilogy, Admiral Ackbar. Maybe Rian Johnson was just trying to keep the tradition alive.


If Ackbar had taken command than I would advocate for Holdo to have more of an arc. I’d like to see her stay alive and reappear in the following movie. Maybe Ackbar makes the sacrifice and now Holdo has to take over, struggle with the realities of leading the entire resistance, grow, and ultimately overcome those struggles to turn into the leader that the resistance needs. The last thing they need is someone who withholds crucial information for no reason. It’s organisations like the First Order that demands blind obedience. Speaking of which…

I still don’t know what Snoke or the First Order even wanted. Power for the sake of it? Did they have any ideology at all? What drove so many people to join them to begin with? Some have told me that Snoke wanted to rule the galaxy. But such a thing is just a means to an end, same with destroying opposition, like the Jedi. Darth Sidious’ main goal was that of the Sith, revenge upon the Jedi. Revenge going all the way back to the exiled dark Jedi who found the Sith species and ruled over them as the lords of the sith. Once Palpatine controlled the government, he left the governing to his dark council.


But Snoke seemed like he just did things for the hell of it. He certainly wasn’t Sith, he wasn’t following their teachings. Now he’s dead, and not only may we never know what his motivations were, they might be entirely meaningless now. Unless Kylo is used to show us Snoke’s teachings. Snoke must have taught him more than just combat and force powers, right?


I wish Luke was able to convince Rey that the Jedi are nothing more than puppets of the force with a flawed and dangerous religion. Not to say that the individual can’t do enormous good. But as a large, organized group, they are ultimately ineffectual and cause great harm to the galaxy.

Rey is not a Jedi and there’s no reason that she should be trained as one. After all, you don’t have to be Jedi to learn how to use the force. Even the Jedi originated from a different group. The title changed, since how they functioned changed. Order 66 proved that it was time for another change. Luke never should have resurrected the Jedi.


I wish Luke Skywalker had looked Kylo Ren right in his eyes and said: “I will be the last Jedi. But not the last hope.”


I saw a very good video on the YouTube channel “Nando v Movies” about the character Rose. The video argued that it only takes rewriting one aspect of that character to improve the film. Rose should have been a spy for the First Order. Some very compelling arguments are presented that makes certain events throughout the film make a lot more sense. You can see it here. But what do you think, dear reader. Love it, hate it, or “meh” it, what do you think could have improved the Last Jedi?

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